Multi-Language Options for Saint Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS)

The Saint Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS) exam is an assessment tool for mild cognitive impairment and dementia and was developed in partnership with the Geriatrics Research, Education and Clinical Center at the St. Louis Veterans Administration Medical Center.

The SLUMS exam has been translated into the languages below with the only changes being made to make the exam relevant to each country by naming a major city within that country and then naming a state/region/territory/county that corresponds to that city. This matches the design of the English source version.

We wish to thank Dagmar Kaschinski of Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH and Matthew Lauritzen, Project Manager at Corporate Translations, Inc. for initiating and coordinating the translations into the languages that are indicated by ** below.

Afrikaans (South Africa) SLUMS**
Arabic (Saudia Arabia) SLUMS
Chinese (Taiwan) SLUMS**
Chinese (China) SLUMS
Chinese (Hong Kong) SLUMS**
Czech (Czech Republic) SLUMS**
Danish (Denmark) SLUMS**
Dutch (Belgium) SLUMS**
Dutch (Netherlands) SLUMS
English (U.S.) SLUMS
English (Australia) SLUMS**
English (Canada) SLUMS**
English (Hong Kong) SLUMS**
English (Ireland) SLUMS**
English (New Zealand) SLUMS**
English (South Africa) SLUMS**
English (United Kingdom)**
Finnish (Finland) SLUMS**
French (Belgium) SLUMS**
French (Canada) SLUMS**
French (France) SLUMS
German (Austria) SLUMS**
German (Belgium) SLUMS**
German (Germany) SLUMS**
Greek (Greece) SLUMS**
Hebrew SLUMS
Italian (Italy) SLUMS**
Japanese (Japan) SLUMS**
Korean (Korea) SLUMS**
Norwegian (Norway) SLUMS**
Polish (Poland) SLUMS**
Portuguese (Portugal) SLUMS**
Romanian (Romania) SLUMS**
Russian (Russia) SLUMS**
Spanish (U.S.) SLUMS**
Spanish (Colombia) SLUMS
Spanish (Mexico) SLUMS**
Spanish (Puerto Rico) SLUMS
Spanish (Spain) SLUMS**
Swedish (Sweden) SLUMS**

**These documents were translated and prepared by a team of translators and interviewers who are fully bilingual in English and the translated language. All procedures were performed in accordance with current industry standards and Federal Drug Administration guidance.

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